​This week has been filled with sleep, regeneration and planning time, meditation sessions - aka sits - and lots of awesome ​parkour/freerunning and hockey training sessions. I also bought new ice hockey shoes - ​a cool chrismas present from my family :-D - that were tested on wednesday, December 19: I jumped over a 50cm obstacle for the first time in my life and I feel there is still room to improve and to jump even higher with improved technique.

On the 20th I visited the Jump25 trampoline park for the second time with my 8B students under the motto "​​Always continue playing when you get old". We had lots of fun together, especially Johana who found herself moving again with joy on her birthday...

I jumped into an elevated handstand for the first time, improved my round off technique and style, worked on my frontflip and  I finished the second climbing parkour (first try).  

I mention this, because I did not try ​certain moves for a long time. And since the Master Key Experience started, I am manifesting my PPN "True Health" daily and I promise to totally commit at least once and learn a new trick or move in each session - tiny or not, because I know "Perfect Practise Prevents Poor Performance". Since Semtember I started to ​strengthen my Achilles tendon and it is paying off big time. AWESOME!!!

I am very happy to share that with you. THANK YOU!



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